Easter ’09

Easter is nothing short of family time. We started the day off with just our small family finding baskets that the Easter Bunny left for the boys. They were thrilled.

Then we hustled out the door at 6:30am, yes you read that correctly, to hit our church service located at the school that started at 7am sharp. By the way, if you ever intend on going to that service be sure to get the MEMO: BRING CHAIRS!
Then it was off to Grandma, Popi, and GG’s house. Did you know the Bunny found them there too? Yup, that Bunny he sure is a good guy to all the kids in our family 🙂 Popi made a fantastic Easter brunch that was just perfect for all of us. There wasn’t a person there without a full belly by the time breakfast was over.

Then we came home for a short nap for Ethan. He just can’t go all day without a nap, so a rest is what he got. Ashton didn’t seem to mind, he played outside with all his Easter Eggs, and had time to pose for just one photo with Mom.

When Ethan woke up (just before the Master’s was about to start) we headed over to Grandma and Papa’s house where our SC “R” family was there to spend the end of our Easter with. The kids had a ball. We had a fabulous dinner, thanks Grandma, and left with yet another basket from the Bunny. Gesh, I don’t think that Bunny wanted us to miss a thing.

Here is Paul playing with some of his old toys that Ashton now loves to play with 🙂

And here is big cousin Elizabeth making sure Ethan is included in all the Bunny’s hidden gifts and treasures. She is an amazing big cousin 🙂


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