Raise your hands….

if you believe God ONLY deals you the cards you can play?

I do, I do!!!

I swear, I do! In fact, today I joined a friend with her 4 year old, and his little almost 5yo friend and Ashton at Busch Gardens. Do you know I seen more sets of twins then ever before? Yup, that happens to me. It really sucks. It’s almost like someone sucker-punches me in my tummy for each set that I see, and forget it, when they are dressed alike and “look” like identicals, I could honestly crawl into a whole and cry. I really could. I’m not sure anyone on the face of this planet realizes just how much I think about both E & Q growing up being the BESTEST of friends! Because in my heart, Ethan’s only BESTEST friend is Quinn. Yes, he does have a fabulous bond with AT, but it is nothing like he has with Q. E looks at me from time to time, I wonder if he is thinking about Q. Sure, I’m crazy, I’m the Mom…I’m supposed to be. But it doesn’t make it even one ounce easier. It doesn’t.

So I met a Grandma today. She asked me how many boys I had, after she seen me ooh’ing and aww’ing over her grand-daughther. I said, “3.” I didn’t think much of this, I do have 3, right? Just one isn’t here. So I told her, one is in heaven. She sympathized with me. Then she said, “well my daughter had 2 boys, then a girl…then and OOPSIE girl.” I said, I’d GLADLY take that oopsie 🙂 She then leaned in towards me and said, “her first son has Autism.” Without hesitation I replied, “God only deals you the cards you can play, I can’t play those, but I can tell EVERYONE about my son’s and about TTTS.”

You know what? I’m right! I’m not sure I could deal with Autism, although I know a few FABULOUS (Sarah) Mommies, out there in the world that can have an Autistic Child and only make the world better with them….and for that I’m grateful. But I had 2 children who suffered from TTTS, a RARE, but serious disease between identical twins. I am here to preach about it. That is what I was put on this earth to do. I promise you, one day, everyone will hear my story…mark my words!


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  1. The Brinkers said,

    April 11, 2009 at 2:44 am

    Tara,I look at my girls ALL the time and thank God how lucky I am. I still cry just at the thought of what we went through…and then at the relief that I have survivors. My thoughts then turn to you, Ethan and Quinn. My heart aches with you! You are a great person,a wonderful mom AND Mom of Multiples! Quinn is so proud of you and I Know Ethan has him by his side taking each milestone with him in spirit!Love you!

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