Happy Birthday Popi!

Today is Popi’s birthday. He is 21years YOUNG. Nah, I’m kidding on the age (obviously) but we did spend the day with him for his birthday. It was sorta a combo, Daddy/Popi birthday. Daddy’s birthday was just 2 weeks ago and Popi promised Daddy a steak dinner…well we never did have it, so we had it today. Since I’m not eating meat anymore, my wonderful Mommy made me stuffed shells, and they were delish 🙂

As for the cake. Well Grandma bought Popi and Daddy’s favorite kind, ice cream cake from Carvel. Only she thought she would be smart and put it in the fridge so it gets soft, you know those ice cream cakes are so hard out of the freezer. Well that wasn’t the best idea in the world, so we had melted chocolate ice cream cake and yummy soft vanilla ice cream cake 🙂 It still turned out to be wonderful, but it was not very pretty to look at. HA! Live and learn, right?

Ashton and I went to the pool today. Can you believe my child was swimming when the water was freezing? Yup, he was. He normally doesn’t tolerate that kind of stuff, but today was different, he jumped right in and had a splendid time. But when I took him to the bigger pool, he wanted know part of practicing how to swim. Boy is he going to be upset when we start swim lessons in 2 weeks and I make him get in that water.

Since I didn’t blog this time last year let me just say that AT is a fantastic swimmer. For a 2 1/2 year old last year, he was swimming unassisted to the opposite end of the pool with his head under the water. He really did amaze me…my Mom always said what a great swimmer I was at 2yrs old, but I never really believed her. She thinks I’m great at everything 😉

So pictures will come this week, after I buy a jump drive. I will not be loading down this computer with all my millions of photos 🙂


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