Conversations with a 3yo…part???

Ok, so I’ve lost track. Talking to Ashton daily leaves me laughing all the time. But this one, I had to blog.

9:30am Monday morning, phone rings. I answer, it’s Aunt Bunny. I knew something was wrong when she called that early in the morning. She was calling to tell me Uncle Bill’s Mother passed away Sunday around 10:30pm. Ashton heard half my conversation on the phone. Like he always does, he asked what was going on. I brushed him off. After all, what do you tell a 3yo?

5mins later, I had to call Aunt Dana before she boarded the plane to tell her the news. She answers. Me: “Dana, I have some news.” She is concerned, yes? “Uncle Bill’s Mother died last night.” A few moments later we discuss going in on something to send them. I hang up.

Now, 7:30pm. Yes, NIGHT time.
Ashton just got out of the bath (he went to the gym with me, so he is getting ready, late). I begin dressing him and he says, “Mommy, I don’t want to dive.” I answered him, “ok.” Then he repeats himself over and over, in the most sincere voice ever. I said, “Ashton, what do you mean, dive?” He says, “you know like Uncle Bill’s Mother, she dived.”

I had to explain to my little boy that Uncle Bill’s Mother went to be with Jesus. She is know longer coming home to him at night (you know, Mom’s live with their kids forever, right?).

My poor little boy was devastated all day of the thought about Uncle Bill’s Mother diving. Awww… be so sweet and innocent.

Mrs. Dorothy Haring, may you rest in peace.


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