Sick Again?

Big Brother Ashton is very concerned for his little brother. He made sure he sang him all his favorite songs before leaving for Grandma’s. Brotherly Love, can it be any cuter?

Ethan might be sick but brother has to show off his silly side!

Oh Ethan, you sure do know how to keep your Mommy on her toes! Yesterday, while I was working out, I got paged to come to the Kidsersize room. Well Ethan was crying, no biggy, or so I thought. I bend down, he looks at me, and oh my gosh…it looked like he was crying for an hour. Yikes! I pick him up and he passed out on me, it was only 10am and I was only at the gym for 90mins. So I pack up my stuff and we head home. I put him to bed and he drifts off.
An hour later he wakes up and eats 1/2 of a cheese sandwich. I knew something was wrong then. This boy of ours always finishes a meal šŸ™‚ So about an hour later, I put him back to bed. He wakes up at 4pm with a RED body, and HOT! So I take his temperature, it was 104.4. WOWSER! Call the doc, hear the usual, Motrin/Tylenol (only this time, every 2 hours until it gets under 101). I call Grandma and asked her to take AT for the night. Boy was he happy, SLEEPOVER!
Ethan sleeps on me for the rest of the night until bedtime, 6:30pm and then Daddy gets home and he wakes up promptly to make Daddy feel sorry for him too šŸ˜‰ Kids are cute that way, aren’t they? So Daddy cuddles him with Daddy love for about 30mins and puts him back to bed. Nope that was not enough, now he wanted Mama. Who am I to argue? So we cuddle for another 30mins and fast to sleep he went.
7am he wakes up, as usual, only still cranky. When I finally go sit and rock him, he drifts right back to sleep. UGH! Not again? 9am, we have to leave to have the oil changed in the car, so I give him some Motrin and off we go. He sleeps on me the whole time.
We get home, another nap is in store. Only he doesn’t wake up until 1pm and once again, HOT and RED! So I take his temp, 102.6. UGH, can’t we catch a break? So he got another dose of meds and then again at 3pm. He is now happily playing on the floor with his toys and has even eaten šŸ™‚ Yeah for the Motrin/Tylenol cocktail!!!! He ate a whole hot dog, 3/4 of a banana, and a few grapes. Oh and don’t forget the peanut butter cookie Mommy gave him for being a trooper!
Now he is wanting to play with me. I better go attend to the needy baby. hehehe! Guess he knows, sometimes Mommy’s just need a little extra lovin’.
I hope he feels better soon!

Ethan giggles, even while sick…isn’t that giggle the cutest?


1 Comment

  1. Gemma said,

    March 9, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    Aww bless him, it’s awful when they’re sick isn’t it! How cute that he still had plenty of giggles though šŸ™‚

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