Are you kidding me?

So Monday I woke up, with one swollen gland. No biggy, I had a doctors appointment so I thought I’d ask about it. Well Doc said, I can’t tell if its anything yet, you just got it. Well geeh, thanks. So all week, I sit here wondering why I’m so freaking sick. My throat is hurting more everyday. And the worst part? My kids come down with runny noses and my babysitter (GH) is away watching other grandchildren, how dare she, right? hehehe!!! Kidding, of course.

So I sit here thinking, this is all in my head. Something has to give. I have no spots on the back of my throat, I was still able to workout my 6 days this week, so why do I feel so horrible?

Today I woke up at 2am. After going to bed at 11pm. Now that is not right for me. I’ve been up since. I got up and went to the gym, as I do every Saturday, and said, forget this, I’m going to the walk in clinic.

Low and behold, I have STREP THROAT! Ugh, are you kidding me? My doc could have given me something 6 days ago? I’m so mad! But either way, I have some penicillin now, and hopefully in about 48 hours I’ll be feeling a tad better.

So Daddy got tickets to the Yankee Spring Training game today. We didn’t have a sitter for the boys, so I let Ashton go in my place. Honestly, I wasn’t up for it. I just don’t feel good. But this is the short clip Daddy sent to me to show me how much fun Ashton is having while me and Ethan are at home napping.

Denard Span

Derek Jeter



1 Comment

  1. Sara said,

    February 28, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    Strep is the WORST! Hope you’re feeling better soon. Get some rest! Oh and how cute is Ashton at the baseball field?!?!?!

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