My little boy(s) are really growing up!

It is hard to believe that my children will ever be adults one day. I mean right now, they listen to what they want to hear and when they want to hear it. It amazes me how Ashton takes right after me in the sense that when he wants something, boy oh boy, is the charm turned on :0)

Anyways, today we had to run a few “return” errands. Never any fun for kids, right? Add into the mix that we are all a bit under the weather, and well, a disaster sounds like it could strike at any moment in time. Instead, my 3 yo was a champ. And Ethan was easily entertained with food. HA! Yes, he is the piggy of the family and there are only 2 things that successfully put to rest his tears, EVERYTIME, without FAIL….those 2 things? Ashton singing to him, “Ba-Ba Black Sheep” and FOOD! So thank you Grandma H for teaching AT Ba-Ba, and thank you Ashton for always being so willing to sing and share your snacks, you are one heck of a Big Brother.

So how are our boys growing up? Well after our day of returns, we came home and Mommy made lunch, peanut butter and jelly sammies…did I tell you that Ethan had his first PB&J last week? Yeah, he loved it. Not allergic. I know, the rule is 2yo, but I only waited till 1yo with Ashton, and well it didn’t hurt him, and Ethan is only just 2 weeks shy of 1, so he ate it. Don’t beat me with a stick. Please. Anyways, while I was making the sammies, I opened up the back door and the kitchen door. AT loves to run through the back yard to the kitchen to “come home.” You know, how Daddy does it, after a long days work? Yeah, like that. So Ethan decides it would be really cool to hang out with brother…and to the porch he went. Sure, he only crawls, but he is afraid of NOTHING, so the opposite of Ashton. He crawled right over the sliding glass door tracks, to the lanai…his jeans getting all dirty and stuff…things Mommy totally hates, but heck, he is a boy. Let him be right?

After Mommy decides to go get E from his adventure in lanai land, I give him his sammie and put him to bed. Of course, not a crumb was left. A true “R” boy loves their PB&J’s, right GH? hehe! So now I decide, I want to scrub the floors. Ashton had not had his lunch yet, he just wasn’t ready, so I told him I needed him to stay outside, while the floor is wet, he said, “sure Mom, I’ll have a picnic.” And that is just what he did…see.

So Ethan is crawling all over, no time for Mom anymore. He is on a new adventure. Exploring EVERYTHING. He is even pulling up, uhhh, this is going way to fast for my liking. And then there is precious Ashton. Who read Ethan a story just before I got home from gym tonight. Daddy said he did a GREAT job. He even got a reward. He asked for sugar, HA!, he knows that Mommy always says NO SUGAR! So Daddy gave him a few animal crackers and he gladly accepted. Of course, he shared with Ethan. Brotherly love, I swear, it is too freaking cute!

As for all you Catholics out there, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. I hope you have thought long and hard about what you’ll give up, or what you’ll do good for yourself or others around you…did you know you could do that too? Yeah, a Christian Brother told us that, so take advantage if you’d like. Me, I’m going to give up Diet Coke and Coffee. Double Whammy! So please, check up on me. Make sure I’m sticking to it. I figure, if I want to get fit and really change my diet, then Diet Coke and Coffee are really the next 2 things on the list that need to get out of my system. So here is too the next few days with a decent headache 😦 Such is life.

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