Did you know?

I have a Pregnancy T-Shirt business? I do! Cafepress/twinmommy08. I have many shirts for the women expecting more than one baby, but there are some cute shirts for women with just one bambino on the way as well. So, if you’re pregnant, or know someone pregnant, check out my store. Help a Stay At Home Mommy out, will ya? hehehe! BTW, I have never had a return on any of my products, since opening my store in August 2007.

Nothing new is going on in our home. So therefore, the blogs haven’t been flowing as nicely. I can give you a few updates though.

Ethan is just 2 1/2 weeks away from his 1st birthday.

Ashton is still in his horrific 3’s stage. One moment an angel, the next, hell’s angel. Yeah, fun times.

Ethan is pulling up to his knees. Yes he has only really been crawling for about a week and a half and already he is pulling up.

Ashton, is starting school in 6 short months.

Ethan finally had to have his mattress lowered from top station to bottom, in his crib. He is entirely too tall to go to the next step, when he decides he wants to stand, he’ll be out of that crib, I can feel it.

Ashton, has a small cold, or is it allergies, who knows.

Both boys are sleeping.

That is our update. Off to watch the Oscars!


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