My little Vegetarian? Maybe!!!

But probably not! Ethan LOVES veggies. It’s so nice to share all of Mommy’s new found foods with at least one member of our household. If you didn’t already know, I’ve been meat free for 43 days!!! And counting!!!

Well for dinner the boys both had chicken nuggets, but then Ethan wanted MORE! Sound surprising? Doesn’t surprise us in the slightest…he is our piggy! So I was cleaning out the fridge and noticed we had some leftover black beans. Warm them up, and the two of them kill those off. Then I ran into some red kidney beans, warm them up…and this is the result.

I’d say he liked them. Again.

I promised Ashton he could have a Vegan almost Fat Free Chocolate Brownie Muffins made by none other than the Happy Herbivore. It sure pays to have been friends with her for 10+ years that she’ll send me some secret recipes that she has yet to share with the public. Sometimes it’s just to see if kids will enjoy it, and as you can see, they LOVED it! As for me….OMG, YUMMY! The best part is that they are low in fat. She does recommend some chocolate chips or even some walnuts but since I was sharing with the boys, I omitted them. But, she did IM me telling me that I would love these brownie muffins with just a scoop of Ricemellow (if you haven’t tried this stuff, it’s a MUST BUY! It is made from brown rice, the healthy version of Fluff) and boy oh boy, was she RIGHT! Thanks L for always hooking me up! Keep those recipes a coming’.

So the best part about this recipe? I know exactly what goes into these yummy treats and I won’t feel an ounce of guilt for sharing them with my boys!

Ashton & Ethan eating Vegan, almost Fat Free Chocolate Muffins. Be sure to watch the video as well!


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  1. said,

    February 12, 2009 at 12:38 am

    you’re the best!! I’m glad the boys liked ’em — cutest video of the most handsome boys I know (and has it really been 10 yrs? god i feel old)

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