Gasparilla 2009…and now, EXHAUSTED!

Daddy said on Wednesday, the only way he’d take me and Ashton to the adults Gasparilla day parade was if we were to get FREE VIP tickets. Well Friday morning he calls me and said, you’ll never believe this but we just got FREE VIP tickets to the day parade. I was SHOCKED! Knowing him as well as I do, these were no cheap tickets.
So we got 6 tickets. YIPPIE! Now let’s call all our friends and invite them right? HA! What a joke, everyone had something to do. That’s what happens when the tickets are given to you at the last possible second. But they did not go unused! We were determined to find some friends to have a good time with, and that we DID!!!
I made a call to Ashton’s best friends parents at the wee hours of the morning. 6:45am. Chris, its Tara, do you guys want tickets….blah blah blah. I think she was in shock that it wasn’t something urgent, just chit chat over free tickets, food, drinks, you name it. LOL. They jumped on it. And we were set. Ashton was coming, Ethan was going to Grandma H’s for the day/night and we were going at 9:30am. WOW!
We pull up at my parents and my Dad says, “what, how come I wasn’t invited?” I said, “actually we have an extra ticket, want it?” Of course, he says NO! I said, whatever…that is always his answer, then he said, ask your Mom. I do, she says it’s fine. So he jumps in the shower, and comes with us!
T and I go and pick up Chris, Ryan, and Austin. Come back and get my Dad and we are on our way. We find a place to park and read, $25. HOLY CRAP! Thanks Ryan for picking that up! We were shocked to see that price! YIKES!
So we start walking. And we hit our tent just moments later and WOW! I think we were all shocked. The water was right there, it was gated off so no crazy AT or Austin’s could get out and Chris walks up to the tent, and a cold beer was promptly served! SWEET! We were all amazed. A GORGEOUS day with a high of 72 and the sun shinning bright, 2 GREAT kids that were never a problem at all and had the best time together, and good friends. Yup, that is what the day was all about, hanging out 🙂 We did have one more friend with us P, but he didn’t hang with us much….guess we weren’t cool enough yesterday 😦 BLAH! Just kidding P. We missed you B.
So here are some of the photos I took.
Ashton, Chris, Austin, and Ryan

The two cutest kids at the parade 🙂

Ashton and Austin

Uncle Joey, this photo is for you 🙂

Since you won’t find a photo of my beloved husband on here, here is one of me and my Dad and Ashton.

The parade ended at 5:30pm. We walked to our van and drove away. Yes, one hour and 50mins later we arrived at home. We only live 15mins from the parade site. You’d think that Tampa had this parade down by now, it’s only been going on for over 100 years! GESH!

Thanks again to Chris, Ryan, Austin, P and Popi for joining us. It was GREAT having you all there to help take down those pirates! ARRRRR!!!


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