So today, I found my Aunt…well actually she found me. And I thought, WOW, what a great tool Facebook really can be. It is great to get back in touch with her. We have drifted, she is pretty far from me. But I have drifted from so many friends over the years. So today I went on the hunt. hehehe.

I found so many old faces that once were regular faces in my life. Those of you who listened to me, come check out my blog advise, WELCOME! I hope you’ll post comments, and I hope to see you around more often. Sure my life isn’t really that exciting, but it is my life. And it’s something I’ve worked very hard for!

So a little background, so I don’t have to type this out to ALL of you new friends on Facebook. I’m 30 now. Most of you are as well 😉 I went to the University of West Florida and graduated with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice, then I went on to Troy State and graduated with my Masters in Public Administration. The next big event, I got married 4 1/2 years ago, I have 3 babies, Ashton (3), and identical twin boys Ethan (10 months) & Quinn (who is watching over us in heaven). Besides that, I decided to become a stay at home Mom, before we even conceived…HA! That’s just how I roll. Then we made the miracle happen and welcomed Ashton into our lives. 2 years later, we had the urge and out came Ethan. My twins had TTTS, read older posts if you want to know what that is. My miracle child Ethan came out kicking on March 12, 2008. He is the most healthy baby, weighing in at 24 1/2 lbs at just 10mths of age 😉

Besides that, we like going to lots of fun places, places I’m sure you all would be totally jealous of…like Pump It Up, Busch Gardens, Seaworld, the mall playground, ALL the parks around us, and my gyms, Kidsercise. LOL. Yeah, see, jealous, aren’t you? Well I find it fun. I love being with my boys and the time is so precious. We are about to send our oldest off to EC3 (Early Childhood 3 year olds). WOW. Has the time really already come? Why yes it has. It will be here sooner than later.

Here is a photo of me and the boys.


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