Sad Day :(

It’s a bittersweet day here in Tampa. The doctor that I trusted 110% with our twins Quinn & Ethan, is leaving for a new position to Miami. Dr. Quintero, an amazing man. A man who developed the surgery that was our only chance in having 2 surviving, healthy babies. Sure, it didn’t end up that way, but in our hearts, we still know we did the right thing.

Tampa just doesn’t have the funds to help Dr. Quintero in expanding his research studies. So this is a great thing for the Fetal Hope Foundation. The more studies, the better. More money, the better. So I do wish Dr. Quintero, and any of his staff joining him, all the blessings in the world, but you will be missed.

In case you’re unaware, our son, Ethan is the survivor of our identical twins, Quinn & Ethan. We had a rare condition called Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome, that only occurs in 5-10% of identical twin cases. Our twins were also mono/mono twins, something even more rare. Which basically means, they shared the same DNA and lived in the same sack. Anyways, surgery was our best option to have two babies. Dr. Quintero happened to live and work right in our very own backyard. We were lucky. So many other Mom’s and Dad’s have had to put their lives on hold and fly here to see the great man, have surgery, and leave the following day. I however, got to see him, have surgery, and then have all my follow-up visits with him. Not only that, but he wanted to be the one to tell us that we lost our precious son Quinn. And then he continued to see us until our boys were born. At the time, I had carried our babies the longest for a TTTS case 🙂

Dr. Quintero, here’s to you. I wish you well. I hope to God, I do not have to drive down to Miami to see you, should I get pregnant again. I hope my TTTS chapter of my life is finally closed. Although it will never really be closed, just put behind me. I look for a brighter future for my family and all the families that you will touch in the many years to come. You are an amazing man, and thank you for being apart of our families lives. God Bless!


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