Mommy is sad…

Ethan’s helmet was due to come off on Friday of this week so we went in for our final scan to make sure I agreed that it should come off. Well, after looking at the comparisons, I was not thrilled with the idea of the removal, just yet. Ms. E said there could still be some improvements. So why rush the process?

I’m so sad. I really want it to come off, but, I just know in my heart I would question myself for doing the right thing if we were to remove it too soon. So another month it will stay on. I guess that isn’t a horrible thing. It isn’t like we are paying more money to keep it on, so we may as well take full advantage of the helmet while we have it and it fits, right?

So Ethan, your little precious head will have to wait at least 4 more weeks for Mommy to snuggle and kiss you 24/7. Ugh. I hate it. Hate it. But I know I’m making the best decision for you. I sure hope you thank us in the years to come 😉


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