We’ll call it his first…

time Ethan is sick. Yesterday was a rough day. He woke up at 6:30am crying. You know, the whiny cry, like, “I want my Mommy!” I go in, with my eyes still shut, Ethan hasn’t woke up this early since he was 6wks old. And I reach down to get him, and he is HOT. I didn’t think too much of it, he wasn’t too hot that I needed to take his temp, but I knew it was higher than usual.

As the day went on, Ethan got hotter and hotter. I took his temperature around noon and it was 102.4. Ok, give him some Tylenol and off to cuddle we go. He napped on an off all day on me yesterday, another thing he doesn’t do. Around 4pm we went to give him another round of meds and I took his temperature again, only now it was 103.4. Yikes.

Call the doctor. She says, keep giving him the Tylenol/Ibuprofen ever 4hours and bring him in first thing in the morning. Ok, I can handle that. Call up Grandma to see if she would take Ashton overnight and they were more than welcome to having him, thanks GH & GF.

All night I wake up giving E more meds. I have to keep this temp at bay, ya know. Bring him to the doctor, and she has no clue what could be the problem. Great. His ears are fine, no sign of more teeth, his lungs are good…so what is it? He is having the worst poops and he has been on the BRAT diet since Friday.

And, get this, even with the BRAT diet, barely eating anything, because well that diet sucks, he still put on 2 1/2 pounds since 12/18/08. GESH! I have a big boy on my hands.

So were stumped. Ethan is now going on Soy milk, to see if he has a milk intolerance. I’m very doubtful on this one, but Soy isn’t a bad choice, so I’ll go with it and see where it takes us.

By the way, Happy 10mths old Ethan!

As for Ashton, he’ll be home tomorrow. I sure do miss that little guy.


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