New Year’s Eve….

Another year has passed and what a wonderful year it has been. We welcomed a new family member into our home. Wow, what an experience. It has been awesome having Ethan in our family. I can’t even remember life without him. He is a prime 9 1/2 months old now, with 2 small teeth on bottom and a boy who loves to eat everything in sight. However, he doesn’t crawl or pull up. But you bet your bottom dollar, if he wants something he’ll roll right over to it, or scoot. HA. It’s great to watch.

Last weekend we went and visited the boys GAJ. It was a blast. She recently moved and we haven’t been up there to see her new place. AT slept with GAJ and would wake up coming to look for Mommy and Daddy. Guess he was a bit lost in the morning. hehehe! We also stopped by Daddy’s brothers house and visited with our wonderful neices and nephew. They were delighted to have the boys visit….can you tell?

After all that playing with J, O, and G, we headed to GAJ’s for a bath…..the boys sure do wash up nicely!
And after retuning home from our trip, this is what happens to crazy 3 year olds that are still refusing the nap. HA!

So here is too 2009. The future is a mere treasure in time. I cannot wait to see what the treasure holds for our family. I do know for certain 2 things that will happen. Ethan, my baby, will be 1 year old in a mere 2 months, and Ashton will turn 4 years old. WOW! Where does the time go?
So, here is to you. To health, wealth, and good fortune. I wish you ALL the best New Year’s EVER! And may God Bless you ALL!

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