Christmas Eve…

And we had so much to do, I didn’t even get a photo of Ethan all dressed up in his plaid long sleeved oxford and black pants..UGH…bad Mommy! And Ashton looked super handsome in his red sweater, but that came off after church, after all, it was 81 degrees here today. YUCK! Totally not Christmas weather. Oh well…we enjoyed the day nonetheless.

Ok, so what did we do? Ashton helped Daddy wash both the van and the car and Ashton joined by washing his cozy coupe, talk about cute 🙂 But of course, no photos…why? Well I was busy, very busy! I had special requests for Christmas, that I could not disappoint. So I started off with baking and cooking. I made our families favorite baked french toast casserole (thanks to Paula Dean)! Then I made 2 batches of yummy stuffed mushrooms, GG’s favorite, and how could I say no to a woman that tells me she is going to die any day now? (Sorry GG, I had to say it! You’ll out live us all!) Then, well I had to make a secret…maybe you’ll figure it out later sometime.
After that, I had a friend call me who wanted to sell me a toy. As if I don’t have enough, I jumped at it and went to pick it up 🙂 Then back to Publix, I swear, I’ve been there a lot these days. Then I came home, changed the boys and to church we went!!!
After church we went to my parents house for an AWESOME shrimp boil. Thank you GAB & GUB. Holy YUMO! I ate my weight! It was DELISH!!!
We ate and ran though. Ashton had a runny nose all day that seemed to really wear him out. He was such a fabulous boy all day, but all he kept saying was, “Mommy, I’m not feeling to good!” AWWW! And Ethan, well those teeth are kicking his booty and he cannot sleep at my Mom’s on the floor anymore…UGH! Guess we’ll be taking the pack n’ play tomorrow.
The second we get home, Ethan passed out in his crib. That is why I don’t have pictures of both the boys 😦
So here is what I got tonight for photos….

Of course we had plenty of time to leave a cookie, milk, and carrots out for Santa and Ruldolph. We sure hope they enjoy their snacks.

Merry Christmas everyone! I can’t wait to hear how the big guy in RED treated you!

Now we are sitting here waiting for Aunt Aja to arrive. She is spending the night tonight to see what the boys got from Santa in the morning. This is like a bonus gift to Ashton 🙂


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  1. said,

    December 25, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    aww! you look beautiful of course and AT – what a cutie!

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