I know, I’ve been a slacker on my blog…but I have to learn to get better at it. Why? Well as of January 1st, you will NO longer receive any photos of my kids on that lovely website that I usually sent out 1000’s of photos a month. Why? Well 2 reasons…

First: I’m so sick of sending photos out to a million plus people and not even hearing ONE comment from more that 99% of the people. (please stop clapping for those of you who HATE getting all my kids photos! It really is upsetting when it is mostly family who forget to comment on their loved ones.) Family, friends, you name it, people are just too busy. So of course, they are too busy for my family, and therefore, I don’t want to burden you with my children. (GAB, this excludes you…only because I love your artwork and I never want it to stop!)

Second: Well the site I was using changed the format, and honestly, I just hate it.

So if you’d like to see my kids…either stop by our home, or check out my blog. I’ll post the “best of…” photos here.

Ok…so I’m leaving you tonight with this…can these two boys of mine be even a smidge cuter? Nope, didn’t think so….hehehe!

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