Not cut out to be a Fish Mom….

So, back in January, I promised Ashton he could have a fish, if he didn’t have a potty accident for one month. Well Ashton was trained in 4 days, as most of you know, back in November, and he did OUTSTANDING! He did have an accident here or there in December, but since then, we haven’t had any. Well his reward was Nemo, the Betta Fish. Ashton named him. He had to be blue (not sure why, Nemo is orange) and he had to have these pink and blue rocks for the fish bowl.

Lately, the water has been getting yucky. So last night, I asked Daddy to clean the bowl. He did, even though it was just cleaned a few days prior. Well this morning I fed Nemo before going to pick Ashton up, he was at Grandma’s for a few days, and well, when we got home…this is what we found.

So I guess I’m a HORRIBLE pet Mommy. First, it was Kilo’s birthday that I missed. Now, I have a floating fish…ugh.

Well, not thinking, the first thing I said was, “oh man, Nemo’s dead.” Ashton doesn’t know what dead is, so he asked. I told him, “Nemo went to sleep for a very long time baby.” Ashton said, “oh, Nemo spread his wings like this (and put his arms out to his side) and rolled over and went puuuth.” Yes, his words. I laughed my bootie off. I called Dad and told him that our fish had wings and even knew how to stick his tongue out and blow. LOL.

I swear, kids will say the darndest things. Thankfully, Ashton is ok with Nemo’s departure. Now to get Daddy to do his duties and flush him. I can’t bare to flush my animal down the pot, so it’s his job. HA!

So my advise to you, if you need a pet sitter, don’t ask me. I’m horrible. Now kids, I can handle, just not pets.


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  1. Tinkerbellarella said,

    December 17, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    Oh no, poor Nemo!! I am glad that Ashton took the news so well though – bless him!

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