Living a BAD dream…

I swear, I am…or at least I hope I am.
I could scream. Really, I could. Today we went to Walmart to do a return I had and to get a few much needed items for Ethan. Well, surprisingly, I got there at 9am and was the first in line to do my return. I was doing my return, while Ashton sat in the back of the cart and Ethan sat in the front. The back of the cart was near my bottom. There was another woman doing a return with her daughter about 10ft from me.

The daughter had some sort of disability. I’m not sure what, but as soon as we walked up she saw Ethan and started screaming. She couldn’t speak but she was delighted to see a baby. I’m sure his helmet was pretty funny to her too 🙂

So I’m doing the return and this other lady finishes and starts walking away. Her daughter turns around and runs after Ethan. She wanted to hug him. I didn’t think much of it, he can take it, and she had him in a headlock and pulled him over to the side. The little girl is about 13-14ish years old. Again, still not thinking much of it, I continue doing my stuff, while the Mother tells her not to do that, that she is too strong.

The Mother and daughter start walking away again, when the daughter turns around and bolts towards Ethan. I’m watching the whole thing, but since I’m at the back of the cart with stuff in my hands, I couldn’t get to him fast enough. The little girl leans in for a kiss…only he screams BLOODY MURDER! Now any of you who know us in real life, know that my Ethan does NOT cry. I pick him up, to find BITE marks on his cheek. Not just on his cheek but next to his mouth. So very close, that there could have been saliva exchanged.

I was a MESS! Ethan was a mess. Thankfully, I kept my cool with this girl and her Mother. I call the doctor immediately after we were finished and told her that there are teeth marks still on his cheeks, and even now, 4hours later, they are still there. The doctor tells me, chances are slim, but we will need AIDS testing done for the next year.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Could anything else possibly ruin my YEAR? First, I lost a baby, then this helmet, and now AIDS? So help me GOD, if my child has AIDS, I will hunt that Mother down and tell her to put a leash on her child! I know that the little girl did NOT mean it, but good gracious. I have to be careful of Ethan and now anyone he comes in contact with for the next YEAR!


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