Note to self….

Ashton is only 3 years old. He doesn’t understand everything we tell him, nor does he want to understand everything we tell him. So when Mommy and Daddy threw away the binkies this week, we meant business. However, Ashton didn’t get that. Nor did he get that he would never suck on them again. Also, Mommy and Daddy didn’t get that this meant no more naps for our 3 year old.

So God, if your reading this, can you stick around us for the next few weeks? It’s going to be a long battle. We have even told him that Santa won’t come and you know what? He doesn’t care about presents. So I guess if Santa forgets, we’ll donate his gifts to children who were forgotten, that sounds like the perfect plan.

Give me strength, for I am weak right now. Thank goodness those binkies are out of this house and in the trash compound, because I think I would have buckled.


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