Dearest Ethan’s Future Wife…

Finally, you can rest easy tonight. He is getting his first tooth. So that means, no late night phone calls to his Mommy to continue to puree his food. Now, let’s hope he continues to get more teeth, because with just one, he is bound to continue to ask Mommy for help. Not so good on a new wives heart, now is it?

Ethan, son, I’ll be glad to puree your food till the end of time. But for the sake of all others, please, have those teeth pop up. Why? Well for one we don’t want anyone poking fun at you for bringing mashed bananas to school for lunch, or small bites of spaghetti that just slide down your throat, or yogurt….eventually this stuff will become boring, and you won’t want it all the time.

So here is to your first lonely tooth. It’s the bottom right tooth if anyone really wants to know. It is too small to take a picture of just yet, but you better believe I’ll have pictures just as soon as that sucker makes his GRAND entrance!!!!


1 Comment

  1. Sara said,

    December 9, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    Woo hoo Ethan! Zoe will be overjoyed with this news!

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