Not even 9mths and…

So Ethan’s Pediatrician told me that she doubted he would be on formula past 9mths, in fact, it was her goal to make him go that long. Ashton spit formula out of his mouth and wouldn’t touch the stuff the minute he turned 10mths, so this was no concern of mine, since he is a healthy kid.

So tonight, we are giving baths, hair cut to Ashton and Daddy, and clipping nails. When we are all done, Ashton wants a snack. Of course, this is part of his routine! hehehe! So Ethan sits down with him to drool while AT eats and Mommy tells AT to keep the food and drink far away from him. Poor guy wants it, but doesn’t have the teeth for it. So a few minutes later, Ashton says to me, “Mommy, I need a new drink. Ethan drank out of my cup and now its all wet.” Ok, so Daddy goes and gets him a new cup and I proceed to watch Ethan. What does he do? Finish off all the milk in Ashton’s cup. So much so, that you could hear him squeeking the straw at the bottom…HA! So cute.

So Ethan drank his first lot of cow’s milk. I’m not sure I really want him drinking that stuff yet, so I think I’ll just put his formula in Ashton’s straw cups from now, and we’ll ditch the bottles. Boy, this couldn’t make me anymore happy. Especially since it has been over 48hours since Ethan has had a binkie 🙂 YEAH!

Thank you, H, for having that conversation with me on Friday morning about how neither AT nor E need their binkies. This will really help (I think), in the giving up the binkie to Santa, for Ashton. Fingers crossed. Ethan did it with no sweat. Not a tear, not a nap missed, and not a single late bedtime. I love it. Now how come I couldn’t do that with Ashton? UGH!!!!

One last thing, I took this super cute photo of Ethan today. I only did him because Ashton had a My First Christmas photo too, when he was first born, so it’s only fair right?


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