ICE! Gaylord Palms

Wow, this was really amazing.

Was it worth the $40 I spent today for it? Nah. But then again, I don’t find spending $40 worth much these days. I’d rather find it in my pocket on a rainy day….hehehe! But, this is truly amazing. It really is. So if you have $17 burning a whole in your pocket, and a nearby Gaylord Palms, then drive to one, NOW…only make sure you dress WARM. It’s 9 degrees inside.

Ok, so I got the boys ALL dressed and ready, right? That alone took me a good 20-30mins. I’m so not used to doing this. Well then I find out we have to wait at will-call for our tickets for at least 20 more minutes, dressed for a snowstorm, then we have to wait in another line (5mins) to walk inside….so we finally are in, and guess what? They make us WAIT and watch some dumb movie for 4mins. Sure, only 4mins, but there is ANOTHER movie after this one. So yes, I undressed us, redressed us, and undressed us to redress us the LAST TIME. The kids weren’t happy, well, mine…HA!

Ms. L finally gets the guy to let us skip the last show, but now, we have to try on parkas….great. This is fun with my crazy 3yr old. So we put those on and he tells me he doesn’t want his hat on. Fine, Ashton, you’ll freeze. We walk inside, MOMMY, I NEED MY HAT! LOL. Only my child, I tell ya!

The details were amazing. The colors were so nice and bright. Everything was gorgeous. Absolutely, gorgeous. However, without strollers, it would have been much easier, but who could hold an infant all bundled like that? HA!!! I did! Yup, he didn’t want to be in the stroller and neither did baby I. So, Ms. L and I both got to carry babies. She doing it the whole time, while 12wks pregnant, and me, well for maybe 5mins? I don’t know, it was too long either way.

Anyways, if you find yourself around one. Go. I think you’ll love it. My kids did. AT didn’t want to leave. In fact, he cried. Real tears. Not fake ones, not quiet ones, LOUD screaming tears. Yes, again, only my child. UGH!!!

Mommy and Ashton

Grandma’s and Popi’s everywhere, take yourselves there, you will be glad you did. But be sure to bring $12 to park….yes, $12. UGH!!! Highway robbery!


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