Mommy/AT Day!

And what a special day we had 🙂 Thanks Grandma and Papa R for watching E while AT and Mommy headed out to SeaWorld for a day full of fun! We ran around from place to place, doing EXACTLY what Ashton wanted to do. What more could a kid want? Nothing more, exactly 🙂
We did all his favorite things, from Shamu, penguins, Polar Express, play area, and of course, Shamu’s Christmas show. It was the most perfect day. No sunshine out, but not raining either. It was a little chilly at night, but not too cold. It was just perfect. We zoomed in and out of things lick-it-ty split to get to the next fun thing! It was a blast.
Mommy was the most proud of Ashton climbing the ropes all by himself up to the big boat. He did such a great job. Sure did make Mommy smile. And then look at him on top of Shamu, I think he just might be the next Shamu teacher, what would that make him, class of, 2021’ish? Gosh, that is amazing, that one day, he will be a teacher to whomever/whatever.
Ashton, you make your Mama pround, ok?

1 Comment

  1. Brooke said,

    November 30, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    He is so cute!!! Looks like a blast!

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