Thanksgiving Show!

My nephew H goes to a great school here in town and he had his first Thanksgiving show at his school. Well you know that Ashton and Ethan wouldn’t have missed it for the world, so with runny noses and all, we packed the crew up and waited patiently for the “star” of the show. Only after riding a school bus to the school, the highlight of the day, I believe.

After H came on stage, you could see him mouth, “there’s my Mommy, and she is holding Ashton!” It could not have been more precious. Our boys sure do love each other. We were about 25 rows back and H still found us within seconds and waved with the biggest smile ever. It was super cute.

After they sang all different Turkey Gobble Gobble songs, we were off to H’s classroom to have a Thanksgiving feast. H sat next to Ashton and was eating off his plate, that is what cousins do you know. Well a lady asked me where H’s parents were. I looked at her and said, she is getting a plate, and she said ohhhh….kinda like, why isn’t she watching her kid…..well I said to her, that is my nephew and son. She said OH! LOL. Our two boys, I swear, they are connected at the hip. HA! They shared beautifully and enjoyed running around together.

For dinner that night, I decided to be a bit adventurous and allow E to make a mess. Now those of you that know me well, know that I don’t play that game. I don’t allow my children to get messy, I teach them how to clean up after themselves, and I never ever bend the rules on this stuff. Well after talking to my friend S on IM the other day and she telling me that her daughter, just 2wks old than E is eating all kinds of table food, I thought, ok, I’ll close my eyes and let him go to town. As you can see, he enjoyed himself.

Thanks S for giving me the “push” I needed.

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