Cheese, Please….

Or is it FOOD, please? Well whatever the case, our son LOVES to eat. But nothing makes this Mama more proud than a hearty wholesome meal. So first we began with yogurt for dinner and then of course a bottle of formula (yes, we use formula) and to top it off when the family sat down for dinner, Ethan promptly began gnawing on his carrot wagon wheel, at which he choked for the 100th time or so. And since Mommy took a CPR class again today, I felt like a pro at the old scoop & sweep. But then he wanted more food. UGH! What do you do? The kid loves food!!! But he just can’t eat table food yet. So that is when I remembered I had a conversation with the ladies today at CPR about how Ethan loves pizza. E suggested I just give him the cheese (we only give him the hard crust). Hmmm, never thought of that. So I took out the shredded cheese I had in the fridge and this is what Ethan thought of it……

mmm, mmm, GOOD!
I should say, “finger lickin’ good!”

Thanks for tip, E 🙂

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