Pennsylvania, here we COME!

The boys and I are all packed up and ready to go. Popi is taking us to see his Mother (Grandma Gracie), who is turning 92years old next week, to Pennsylvania. Ashton can hardly wait to make snow angels. God help us if there is no snow in the mountains.

We are leaving at 6pm tonight. Driving overnight with the kids will be so much easier than during the day when Ashton will ask to listen to Jimmy Buffett a 100x in a row, or Cheeseburger In Paradise, my kid sure knows how to rock out, but with a 16hour car ride ahead, I’m not sure Mom is ready for it.

Ashton and Ethan are both great car riders. Cross your fingers that tonight goes super smooth and after Tinkerbell is over, AT will drift off to la-la land and catch a few z’s. Ethan should be fast asleep before we even make headway to the interstate.

Wish me luck.

Daddy, we’ll miss you tons!

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