Today is a BIG day in my bestest friends life. Today is the day Aja has officially become, Dr. Aja M. Child Psychologist. Yes, I’m proud. I couldn’t be more proud, not even if it were myself. Aja and I have been friends for 19years. Since we were in the 6th grade. Can you believe that? 19 LONG YEARS! She is the girl I can yell at, scream to, tell all my secrets too, then turn around and hug, cry, and most importantly, trust with the 2 most important people in my life, MY SONS!

Auntie Aja, I’m proud of you. I’m proud of the woman you have become. I’m proud of you for putting your mind to it, and getting the job done. I’m proud that you didn’t let a man or obstacle get in your way. Even when you thought you might push school off, you kept going at it. I’m proud of you for the straight A’s you worked your heiny off for. I know Pop is looking down on you right now saying the same thing. He has one heck of an amazing Grand-Daughter. You are such an inspiration. You make me feel proud that you’re in my children’s lives. Ashton and Ethan will always have you to look up too. We love you!

So Aja, this is to you. As a friend, as a sister, and as an Auntie, you have succeeded…now knock them dead. Be the BEST Child Psychologist EVER! CHEERS!


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